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What is the GT&E?

The Grand Teton & Everglades Steam Excursion Co. is a 45mm gauge live steam railroad, pretty much scaled at 1:20.3.

The GT&E is the successor business to the Westline & Mussel Rock Railroad. The W&MRR was closed in the spring of 2000 when local authorities determined that the ground under the railroad (not to mention the general manager’s home) was sufficiently unstable to warrant evacuation. Since the railroad was no longer servicing either Mussel Rock or Westline Drive – and the new railroad would serve Grand Teton Drive and Everglades Drive – it was determined that a new name was necessary.

This web site details various activities of the company:
  • New for 2008, the Steam Excursion Co. has created a section that explains the techniques we have used to illuminate our backyard railroad. A number of sections – including one on constructing a 1:20.3-scale lamp post and another on creating flickering fire light in structures – are included. (In 2009, we established a new site,, to report on other electronics- and LED-related experiments.)

  • The Steam Excursion Co. hosted an e-mail list on small-scale live steamers from 1998-2013, where hobbyists used e-mail to exchange ideas and tips.

  • The Steam Excursion Co.’s Photography Department has prepared some special picture packages of trains and transit. Additionally, there are pictures of live-steam events as compiled by the Photography Department, including snapshots from the 2009 National Summer Steamup.

  • Members of the listserv have posted pictures of their endeavors.

  • The construction of the GT&E is chronicled in two separate picture packages: the right-of-way is shown before the Company took possession and during some early construction and preparation; the construction is shown over its 18-month period.

  • The Steam Excursion Co.’s General Manager has established a list of links pointing to various web sites that highlight rail activities.

  • The late and lamented W&MRR’s construction is illustrated profusely.
Please drop by here whenever you have a chance; we're constantly changing things around.

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